Exclusive invitation: Porsche’s Exclusive Manufaktur Event

Want to see what peak Porsche 911 GT2 RS looks like? You’ve gotta see this…

Words by: Adam Allen

Lost productivity is the bane of employers everywhere and there are several reasons why the dollars they pay you are wasted. One can be as simple as traffic; ask anyone who commutes in Toronto about how many times they’ve been late to the office as a result of unexpected construction or subway delays. Another big one is social media- Instagramming the avocado toast you had for lunch in many cases takes priority over completing the paperwork you’ve been tasked with. In the case of your humble author, many otherwise useful hours have been squandered on Porsche’s Car Configurator.

I will admit to spending way too much time building the Porsche of my dreams (usually a 911, although all models have been played with at one point or another) but I will not disclose exactly how much- the boss is reading this, after all. The fact that I bring forth this mea culpa at all because there have been a few occasions where I fail to hide the browser window in time when someone enters my office and my built-in-secret 911 GT3 Touring in Irish Green is discovered while I pretend to look busy. My vice is well known amongst my coworkers.

I covet a basic 911- the inherent package is so good that I don’t see the point in loading up with frivolous kit, plus showing restraint with the myriad of options keeps the sticker as tight to the base price as possible. Sometimes, I throw caution into the wind with my imaginary dollars and add stuff like leather covered sun visors and window triangle trims rendered in carbon fiber because why not? There have been times during my make-believe bouts of excess where I have pushed the price of a bare bones 911 well past the $200,000 mark.

Last night at Pfaff Porsche’s gleaming dealership- which is one of 4 across Canada that offers access to Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur program- we were treated to the unveiling of a 2019 GT2 RS (yes, the most powerful and also the pinnacle of the vast 911 lineup) where someone went all out on Porsche’s’ configurator only they were using real money. That’s right, folks- someone got to build a real life 911 GT2 RS with pretty much every box checked on the options sheet as well as stuff that isn’t courtesy of the dizzying array of off-menu stuff from the Exclusive Manufaktur catalogue.

Let’s talk numbers. The base GT2 RS costs $334,000- the anonymous owner really went to town and added a staggering $260,000 in options to the Python Green masterpiece you’ll see in the photos.  Oh, and that paintjob- which looks kind of obnoxious in pictures yet just works seeing it in the flesh- costs a knee buckling $110,650. One of Porsche’s PR team members helpfully pointed out you could pick up a nicely optioned Cayman for that kind of scratch.

Here’s some of the other stuff this lucky guy or gal specified for the Most Personalized (and therefore most expensive) 911 in Canadian history:

  • Leather-to-sample interior in Palm Green and Acid Green (and oh, those houndstooth upholstered racing buckets…) $9,500
  • Weissach Package: $31,000
  • Individual Acid Green illuminated door sill guards: $6,130
  • Total: $600,965

That’s scratching the surface of all the goodies this thing is packing, but rest assured that there may be, at an optimistic guess by the Porsche team, a mere handful of these worldwide. That means that even you or I, intrepid masters of the Porsche configurator, cannot emulate this very special GT2 RS.

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever see this beast in the wild; it’s been purchased by a collector which likely means it will spend more time in a hermetically sealed garage that it will exploiting its prodigious 700 horsepower to the tarmac. If you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood of Pfaff Porsche you owe it to yourself to pay it a visit and ogle the endless supply of Porsche eye candy. Or, if you play your cards right and keep diligently adding to your piggy bank, perhaps one day you’ll show up at the dealership to take delivery of a real 911 to call your own, based on the digital version you’ve built online so many times before.