All-Seasons or All-Weathers?

Courtesy of Kal Tire.Image courtesy of Kal Tire.

When looking for a new set of tires this spring, consumers who are intent on putting on all-seasons might want to consider the option of installing all-weathers instead.

While acknowledging that many Canadians know little or nothing about how all-season tires stack up against all-weather tires, Carey Hull, director of retail products at Kal Tire, said

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2012 Annual Fuel Economy Guide

Our 2012 fuel economy guide is a simple way to lookup fuel ratings for current year vehicle models.

The fuel consumption data included is collected in conjunction with Transport Canada’s Fuel Consumption Program (FCP). The FCP, which is a standardized laboratory test method, monitors the fuel consumption of new vehicles in the country by collecting comprehensive information from manufacturers and importers and by testing selected new vehicle models.